History of PAFMUN

It's an incredible sensation, pride; and the vigorously successful past of PAFMUN makes our hearts swell with it. PAFMUN, from it's inception, has been nothing short of excellence- entertaining over 400 delegates from all the top notch schools in its first edition of 2012, going on to fostering almost 700 young minds with courage and fortitude last year at PAFMUN 2013. In the world of public speaking, PAFMUN today stands as the largest public speaking forum of the country! But we don't stop here, for all that success was yesterday, and yesterday is over. What matters, is today. So, with the conviction of creating better history than the last time, we bring you PAFMUN 2014. We, at The City School PAF Chapter, welcome you here, today, for an even better tomorrow!


Why PAFMUN? After two successful events, over 1000 satisfied delegates and a tremendous number of resolutions passed, we possess multiple answers to this question. PAFMUN is one of a kind. Its a conference held by one of the most prestigious institutions of Pakistan and organised entirely by a group of the most dynamic and enthusiastic students you will come across. Over the years PAFMUN has been able to build and maintain its standard, conclusively forming a legacy that speaks for itself. Every year we form a team which comprises of only the most hard working and dutiful. Our secretariat includes people who are well-versed in the language and culture of MUNs and their experience and capabilities manifest this. We ensure top notch quality in every niche and corner as the corridors of diplomacy open up for you once again. So why PAFMUN you ask? For the best of times. For the best of diplomacy. For the best of experiences.